Engaged employees. Better results.

With the changing nature of workplace trends and employee demographics, companies are finding it difficult to nurture and retain top talent. SuccessDart helps your organisation by providing 21st century tools to engage and nurture employees.


Drive goals, engage employees and promote a culture of feedback.

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Why is Successdart different ?

Here are 3 ways in which effectively implementing our strategic performance management solution will help your business grow multi-fold


Motivated Employees

Businesses don’t run on numbers, they are run by people. We help you understand your employees’ strengths & weaknesses and keep them motivated. Your strategy will work better if it is executed by a bunch of motivated individuals.


Improved Management

The management team must be aware of and be in-sync with the needs of their departments. Understanding the goals and initiatives of the organisation will improve their performance, in turn helping their team.


Better Communication

Lack of clarity in communication is one of the biggest reasons why employees are not aligned with the goal/strategy of the organization. Clear communication among employees lead to better understanding of the goal and ensure effective measures to achieve the same.

Organizations today have realized that motivated employees value structure, development and strategy for growth. Effective and efficient performance management will help employees reach their full potential which further leads to a positive experience for the employee and manager.

Hence, Success Dart provides clear, specific and measurable insights into your organisation, teams and people. This helps to define your strategy initiatives where you will have the biggest benefit.

Traditional V/s New Approach

Here are 3 ways how effectively implementing our strategic performance management solution will help your business grow.


Successdart Framework

Align employees with organisation goals. Measure performance using data from multiple feedback channels. Succeed by engaging employees and deriving business outcomes. Employees are an organisation's greatest asset. Timely feedback and direction is the most crucial factor in the making of an engaged workforce. Capturing feedback can give insights to measure employees’ progress. Finally, organisations must leverage feedback data to attain
organisation goals and build a culture of respect and trust.


Successdart Benefits


Extremely Affordable

OKRs, Goal setting and more at a cost lesser than the price of coffee!
SuccessDart offers a per employee per month pricing model. It is a cost effective solution. Furthermore, being a SaaS application, there is zero hardware investment needed.


Reduce Rater Bias through Data Driven Decisions

Get feedback on an employee’s performance through multiple channels. This includes KRA based evaluations,Goal setting, 360 degree feedback and open feedback channels. SuccessDart collates this feedback to aid the management in making data driven decisions.


Customization and APIs for Integration

Completely customizable to suit your organization’s culture and values. SuccessDart offers customizable review forms and scheduling options. Tailor the evaluation workflow for your organisation in a single time setup.Connecting to your existing HRMS is also possible.


Better Accessibility for Sales Teams

Check-in from anywhere and at anytime through mobile devices.
The check-ins feature is a mobile enabled module of SuccessDart. Check-ins simplifies status updates and goal tracking by making it available 24*7 to both employees and managers. This is specially relevant for tracking sales and operations related personnel who are often travelling. The app is featured in app and play stores.

Successdart Features



Bring in rewards, recognition, instant feedback and social recognition

Give your colleagues the benefits of instant feedback and social recognition
using the Go-Darting module. You can now send your Compliment/Feedback to any employee in the organization along with one of our SuccessDarts emoticons. This will be shared publicly – giving opportunity for all present to chip in and exchange High-fives in real time. In addition, all Darts received will be collated and presented to concerned parties during the review period. Thus leading to informed and accurate performance reviews!


360 Degree Feedback

Get feedback from multiple stakeholders, including the customer

Using the 360 degree feedback module, the feedback on the employee from multiple stakeholders are captured. This can capture key insights into the employee’s performance from clients, overseas teams, peers and other managers. During the review process the entire data is made available to the manager. Thus giving a more rounded view of the Employee’s performance to the managers



Drive business outcomes through OKRs and MBOs

A check-in is an employee announcing his/her work related activities. Check-ins is based on the principle of MBO. It brings the concept of SMART goal setting to SuccessDart. Check-ins give employees the ability to list down their long term/short term goals against due dates. Managers can also assign goals to employees. The exercise serves the purpose of capturing effort spent by employees in attainment of goals. It also helps managers get goals done in tight schedules. Check-ins is mobile enabled.


Goal Setting

Align employee goals with organisation goals

Enable 2 way communication by helping employees drive goal setting though personalised KRAs. This bottom up approach to goal alignment ensures that the organisation goals are met while empowering employees through transparent result-oriented communication.


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  • SuccessDart helped us re-invent our Annual Employee Performance Evaluation process. Once we migrated from our old Spreadsheets based system to SuccessDart, the entire evaluation process was completed in less than a week. The un-clustered screens and ease of pulling of multiple streams
    Ravi Kurian Joy CIO, RevenueMed
  • process was completed in less than a week. The un-clustered screens and ease of pulling of multiple streams SuccessDart helped us re-invent our process. Once we migrated from our old Spreadsheets based system to SuccessDart Annual Employee Performance Evaluation, the entire evaluation
    Timothy McPhersonCEO, RevenueMed

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