There is always a better chance that there is an entrepreneurial flame ablaze deep within you that makes you believe in your organization or business with all your might. However, this may not be the case with your employees; they may not share the same energy and drive just the way you do. They may need a stronger push than you might need but you and your business cannot do anything without them. This is where the idea of employee motivation can play a big role to ensure that you have the wholehearted support of your employees in driving your business to the heights that you envisage.

This brings us to the important question; how to motivate employees?

There are several ways to motivate each and every employee. However it is important to understand that each person is motivated with different cues; some may be easily motivated by monetary benefits while some others by recognition. So it is important to understand these aspects before choosing the right method to motivate any employee.

Let us try to understand motivation in the workplace a little deeper.

Let them know that you trust them: One of the major reasons that put many people off during their job is the obvious mistrust that many organizations and businesses place on their employees. While there can be a lot of reasons that make the business to be less-trusting, it can always affect the commitment and motivation of any employee. It makes them feel that the business is treating them as aliens who must not be trusted with valuable business information. However, an important factor about majority of the employees is that, when they are explicitly shown that the business sees them trust-worthy, they will always be and will never disappoint you. It can also help them perform better now that they know more key details about your business.

Setting achievable goals weekly: An important aspect about humans is that they might not put their best efforts until they have a clear and defined goal in front of them. This can happen in any organization where they don’t give the employees clear goals. The employees do not know what they are supposed to achieve and can work constantly below their potential. This is a situation where the business is wasting their human resource and it can be obvious in their performance as a business, too. However, this can easily be addressed by setting short-term goals for the employees to achieve. The goals must be clearly defined, achievable and can drive the people properly. Also make sure that you set the goals as per the potential of the employees and their line of operations, as well. With the help of a cloud based performance evaluation tool like SuccessDart, tracking these goals is easier said than done.

Be transparent about your operations: There may be businesses that do not communicate the decisions taken by their higher management to the people at the lower level. Such a scenario can definitely put the employees under pressure as they turn up to the office everyday expecting some kind of surprises. Such non-aspiring scenario in any organization can make employees less motivated. They might continuously worry about what would happen, if they do not know that is going with the business at all. You must strive to avoid such scenarios. Be transparent in your decisions and let the employees know that you are going ahead with a few projects and the management is changing etc. This will help them understand more about the dynamics of the business. And, this can motivate them immensely to contribute to the growth of the business.

Build a sense of belongingness: A business is always a meeting place of people coming from different walks of life and living together. An office is considered to be the second home for many employees and as such, it must create a sense of belonging for the people working there. If there is no feel of togetherness or bonding, the employees may not be motivated to make use of all their abilities and potential to drive success for the business.

Employee Motivation

Importance of motivating the individuals rather than a team: This is a trend that is observed in many organizations where teams are created to carry out tasks and projects. There will always be a person who is excellent at understanding issues, taking all the pain, bringing newer perspectives to a problem being addressed. When the team is appreciated, the person who really worked may get sidelined, and that can affect the employee morale. While it is important to recognize the team and motivate them, care must be taken to ensure that the appreciation reaches every single member of the team. Motivating people at the individual level can help the team perform better together than as individual fragmented pieces. Tracking of individual goals and performance is essential for HR teams to reward deserving candidates and using state of the art performance evaluation tools like SuccessDart enables them to achieve this task seamlessly.

Leann about your employees as to how they tick: Another important thing about motivating employees is that each individual is unique and hence the means to motivate them must also be unique. One way of motivation may work with one employee but the same may not work with another employee. So it is important to understand how each of your employees can be motivated. For this, you can make use of a study to understand the motivation triggers for each of your employees. Though financial incentives are a great way to motivate people, it can take you only so far. You need to get more innovative and intelligent with your employee motivation efforts to get the results that you are expecting.

Reward your employees based on the feedbacks: This is rather an easy way to motivate your employees. Recognize these employees who get most number of positive feedbacks from your customer or their immediate supervisors. Gather the details about them at the end of the week or the month and then reward them accordingly.  This can help other employees also get motivated to work towards getting more positive feedbacks for the recognition.

Check your reward system: Sometimes, even if you have a great reward and recognition systems, yet you have a hard time motivating your employees. In such situations, the problem must be with your motivation program itself, you can be sure. If you have a motivation system that can only recognize one person at the end of a month, then that is not a very healthy system you have for you to motivate your employees.  Most of the employees will feel hat there is no chance that they can get to the top position, and this can, instead of motivating them, drain the energy off them. This can even happen with people who have the potential to reach the top potion. In order to address this issue, you need to ensure that your program is able to recognize at least five or ten employees depending upon the strength of you staff for the reward. This can bring in a feel that the reward is within the reach of the employees that anyone can take a shot at it. This will have all the employees working together for you with all their commitment and potential.

Work-life balance: No one wants to spend their entire life in any organization. The main reason majority of the people go to work is to earn their daily meal and to provide a shelter for their families. As such, if your business is driving all that away from your employees, they would really be not happy about it at all. If you require them to work on their child’s graduation or on an important academic day, it can always put them off clearly. As a compassionate business, you must be able to show to your employees that you care about their personal life as much as you want them to perform while they are at work. This can definitely motivate your employees to wholeheartedly work for you really well.

The open-door policy that can work: Most of the organizations speak to their employees taking them for granted thinking they are people who are supposed to be spoken to. This can never make any employee be motivated to work for you. However, if you are open to suggestions and comments from them, on how to improve your business propositions, they can help you immensely. Also, if your primary business is any type of service, it is your employees who interact with your customers. As such, they are the people who get all the feedback and reviews of your services directly from the customers. Hence, it would only be befitting that you ask them about their opinions and feedbacks as well. This can help them understand that their voice too matters. This too can motivate them effectively.

Employee Motivation

Let your employees lead: There is a wrong perception among businesses that the best way to motivate to people to give them incentives and send them on a vacation. It may work for a shorter period of time for employees who are new and young. However, you can always motivate your employees by letting them lead. Assure them that they can always make a difference in the organization and theory contributions are valued. It is when the employees understand that they are valued for their services that they really feel tethered to the business. It is when the employees feel a special relationship to the organization that they start working for you wholeheartedly. If every organization can make their employees feel that they are what really matters to the business while doing the business as much as their customers, there is no way any employee might slack in performing.

Make the employees feel that they matter to you: There are businesses that are caught up so much in pleasing their customers that they completely ignore their employees. They fail to understand that it is the satisfied employees that create satisfied customers, and that business is nothing without either of the two. You must strive to create a culture where your employees work treating your customers like Kings and Queens and ensure that you treat your employees no lesser, either. When the employees know that the company always supports them and always has their back, they will naturally pay that back to you.

Make the employees understand you work as a team: The most fundamental element that drives the success of any business is the bond that the organization has with its employees. It is important to show the employees that the business and they are a team. And, when they understand it, they will naturally have a stronger bond with the business as a partner that makes them perform better. As satisfied employee that things the business as his own commitment is perhaps the best employee any business would love to have.

As you would have seen, these are some of the important ways to motivate your employees in your organization. While these are not definitive ways and means in itself, they can be in used in conjunction with each other for a better result than any business would like. As technology has evolved, there are several state-of-the-art performance management tools like SuccessDart available to manage people effectively. However, these are proven ways of motivating employees that many businesses successfully use. Also an important aspect to understand is that the success of any business is the result of the harmonious efforts of a business and its employees.


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