Employee Productivity refers to the work efficiency of an employee or group of employees. The productivity of an employee can be determined by their work output over a period of time. As a manager or the company owner, it is your responsibility to employ proper measures and activities to increase workforce productivity. If you are looking for some effective ways to increase employee productivity, you can find some good ones here.

1. Proper and regular incentives

Keep your company employees happy and satisfied by offering regular and proper incentives on a job well done. Workers like it when they are appreciated for a good job, especially when the appreciation is in the form of money. But incentive doesn’t always have to be monetary; you can offer them bonus leaves, occasional dinner/lunch outings, office parties, coupons, etc.

2. Friendly atmosphere

Creating and maintaining a family-like atmosphere in the workplace is the best way to get closer to your employees. Treat each of your workers the same way you will treat a good friend or cousin. Make sure to listen to them and converse more often. Your employees must know that they can rely on you and you will always have their backs.

3. Appoint managers and delegates

As an owner, you cannot possibly manage to control every small detail of everything that goes in the company. You need to find good people whom you can trust with the managerial responsibilities. Assign responsibilities to your employees, and show them that they are trusted and respected by the company. This will boost a new confidence into them.

4. Respect employees and their works

Always respect your employees as individuals and the work they are doing. Know that they are contributing to the growth of your company. Try to appreciate them more often. Respect is a very power motivator that inspires your workers to do more for the success of the company. You get respect when you give respect.

5. Know your employees

As the office manager or the owner, you must know your employees well. You must definitely know the names of each of your employees. Try to get more involved in their lives and do anything you could to make them feel comfortable in the office environment.

6. Communicate often and effectively

Communication is the key to increased work productivity. A manager should frequently communicate with all the company employees, not only professionally but also on a personal level. Conduct regular employee meetings and open-window sessions to give your employees enough opportunities to discuss important things directly with you.

ways to increase employee productivity

7. Employ proper management practices and training

The company owner or the board must regularly implement proper practices to train the management with new techniques and methods to handle the work and the employees. Most companies invest all their time and efforts into the training of their employees and leaders, giving almost no focus to the managers.

8. Train your employees

Provide adequate training to all your employees at all levels of the job. An employee, who is skilled but doesn’t know what to do or how to do it, can only feel lost and confused. Work to improve your training mechanism and keep implementing new and creative ways of learning.

9. Assign individual responsibilities

Make sure to assign individual responsibilities to each of your employees with the focus on one major goal. When the employees have a clear idea of their assignments, they can do it properly and finish within the deadline. They should know what is expected of them and how are they contributing to the main goal.

10. Provide genuine care and support

Support comes in many forms and ways. You can personally support and appreciate your employees from time to time to make them feel cared. Make sure that their work equipment is efficient. Show them care and support if they are in a trouble or facing criticism. The management support leaves a long-term impact that motivates the employees to pay back with loyalty and hard work.

11. Ask for suggestions

Try to include your employees in all the minor and major decisions of the business. Even if you are not going to make the decision based on their inputs, there is no harm in asking for votes. It gives them confidence and makes them feel like they are part of something big. They are motivated to contribute more to the company.

12. Do not overburden them

Never overburden your employees with more work than they are supposed to do. There may come a time when you have more work and fewer workers to do it. If you are going to make your employees overwork, make sure to compensate them properly. Try to cut out the smaller, unnecessary tasks to give your employees more time to focus on the major assignments.

ways to increase productivity

13. Treat them equally

This is a very important point. From my personal experience, an employee feels the least motivated when he/she is not treated equally by the management. Some examples include favoring some employees over the others, offering them more opportunities and more frequent promotions, etc. By treating all of them equally and giving them equal opportunities to grow, you can instill good trust in them.

14. Respect their personal lives and spaces

Employees are also people who have lives outside of the office. The management should give the same preference to the personal lives of the employees as is given to their office lives. They must understand that a single mother working for them may not always be able to find a babysitter. They should know that the employees may sometimes need to take unscheduled leaves to take care of their family and personal matters. And that the employees should not be disturbed after the office time, especially when they do not want to.

15. Give and accept feedbacks

Feedback is a nice way to know the efficiency of your management. Accept the feedbacks, questions, and reviews from your employees with an open mind and take proper actions on them. Also, provide regular feedbacks to your employees on their office behavior, work performance, and other things. It tells them that they actually matter and their hard work is appreciated by the company.


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