The world moves beyond, data, information & knowledge, over to sense & sensibility for conducting business, the same is applicable to the assessment of an employees’ performance.

How important is a comprehensive feedback? 360 degree evaluation methodology is nothing new & has been around for decades. It is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes the employee’s manager, peers, and direct reports. Advantages of this are many, but a few to quote as obvious are:

  • It enhances self-awareness
  • Provides clarity on the way behaviors are perceived
  • Focus on “how” things get done & not “what” get’s done.
  • Encourages interaction & healthy dialogue
  • Improves working relationships
  • Encourages an overall personality development
  • Brings out the importance of being accountable
  • Paves way for better performance

But what has changed over the years & what is it that organizations expect now from this process?

It is the type of data we seek, the medium & methodology used to get that data & the varying points of view in analysis. The change has been necessitated due to the need of what exactly the employee needs to do with the actual interpretation of feedback

The organizations of today cannot wait for the year end for a result to correct their course. There is nothing different with what companies expect from employees. Also, the employees of the current era themselves do not have the patience to wait for an annual or bi annual cycle for any feedback & course correction.

It has to be real time, specific feedback which leads to specific action items that an employee can perform to get better.

Any HR professional would love to bring about these changes & the effort that is required to make this happen will not be easy. We would wish for a “Genie” to help us in collect, analyze & interpret, what various stakeholders have to say. A tool which enables the process as above, would indeed be a boon to any HR practitioner. This is exactly where “Successdart” comes in.

So, if we are looking for keeping up with business, implementing a 360 degree appraisal process with real time continuous feedback, then Successdart is the tool to start with.