The Story Behind the Creation of SuccessDart:

 There is a short story behind this product, and how the features evolved.

“SuccessDart was born as a byproduct of our own need to create a unique and efficient employee appraisal and goal setting process and an underlying tool to support it. Like many organizations, Ruby Software,   –  the company that created the product  realized the importance of aligning the individual employee’s goals with the organization’s goals and values. We started with the usual practice of using the Excel way and then quickly realized the inefficiencies, the next option was to contact the HRIS vendor to extend the functionality to include a super-efficient employee performance appraisal and goal setting and tracking functionalities, and retracted when we realized bottlenecks.”

Finally, we decided to create our own application, and thus SuccessDart was born. We have been using the tool for the past 12 months also, and have made a number of feature addition. We feel that the tool will benefit any organization, who are interested to implement an effective Performance Management program.

 About Ruby Software:

Ruby Software is a software engineering company that specializes in building WEB and Mobile applications. We are a dual-shores company, with offices in Atlanta GA and in Trivandrum India. The company was built carefully and gradually over a period of nine years, originally operating as a captive division of RevenueMed Inc – a 1,500-person business process outsourcing company that focussed on US Healthcare domain. In 2011, Ruby was spun out into a separate organization. The company has experience in successfully delivering projects of varying scale. We have experience in working with  start-ups as well as with large corporates. The original parent organization, RevenueMed Inc, has been an Inc 500/5000 award winner for four consecutive years from 2009, and on the Deloitte “Technology Fast 500? for 2011 & 2012. The application that we have built was a key contributor to RevenueMed’s success.With its large-scale infrastructure and managerial depth, RevenueMed was able to train and mentor a team – which has now become one of the largest and most experienced team with deep domain expertise on the US Healthcare.

We have extensive expertise in modern programming languages and platforms like Ruby on Rails, MySQL, MS-SQL, Pentaho, RedMine, Moodle and Canvas.

We have a team of around 50+ engineers that include Technical Architects,  Product/Project Managers, Developers, QA  and DBAs. We have rolled out six mission critical applications over the past few years – these are used as production-grade operating systems to power the needs of our erstwhile parent, RevenueMed Inc.

We follow the agile software development methodologies, that enables short development cycles and quick delivery of working software from early stages of the software project. Instead of writing complex specification documents we offer our customers prototype of the application which avoids the risk of improper and incomplete communication and thus provides enhanced customer satisfaction.

Our Products:

SuccessDart – Is our award winning performance management product –, many organisations are moving away from traditional yearly performance management process and are adopting a modern and engaging performance management process. If you wonder how to engage your work-force, motivate and recognise your key performances, look no further.

IrisTutor – is our full blown enterprise scale LMS ( Learning Management System ), used by large universities, schools and even corporates across the world to implement an online learning management solution, like Coursera, you may check out the product portal