Every organization, irrespective of its size, needs to follow a systematic performance evaluation program, in order to evaluate and document the performance of an employee. Performance evaluation is a part of employee’s career development which reviews his performance continuously within the organization.

Need of Employee Performance Review Software

With time, organizations have changed and developed using the latest technologies and innovations. With which the need of something better than the traditional performance management system was required to assess an employee’s contribution to the organization. As the traditional system was more rigid, less flexible and incapable of assessing the employee’s performance in this modern world, due to which employee reviews were getting hampered.

It became difficult for the organizations, to retain their top talent and to nurture them with the old systems; they needed something better, more efficient and more effective which can easily evaluate the performance of an employee with the changing workplace environment and employee demographics. SuccessDart understands the need and provides the best performance management software and other tools to manage, motivate, engage and nurture your employees.

Successdart’s employee evaluation software provides a modern approach to the employee performance review, helps you in creating a more engaged and motivated workforce and also help you in developing actionable insights as well as shows its impact on your employees. They provide online performance management software, which can easily be accessed from anywhere, anytime you want. It won’t require any paperwork; provide transparency and more clarity amongst the employees and superiors.

employee performance management software

Why is employee performance evaluation software so popular?

Managing and retaining your talent workforce is never an easy task, but in order to get success, you need to get the best out of your people. That is the reason more and more organizations are using employee performance evaluation software to track individual’s performance and goal completion. Those firms which have effective employee performance software experience lower turnover amongst the high performing employees

Performance management system helps the employee to align his/her business goals along with the company’s performance requirements as well as to measure employee’s progress against these goals. You can make them understand how they can contribute to the strategical goals of your organization.

Employee management software helps in aligning employees activities with the business strategies as well as in monitoring their performance with continuous feedback and training. With this modern appraisal software, you will get social feedback aligned with traditional reviews and goals to make the appraisal process continuous and consistent.

How is Successdart Employee Performance Management Software Different from Others?

Successdart knows how important it is for you to retain and keep your employees engaged; therefore, they provide the best performance evaluation software which will help you in growing your business.

  • It will help you in motivating the employees

With the help of performance review software, you will easily understand the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. You can easily motivate them to work more efficiently and energetically in the organization. In today’s time, businesses are not run by the number of employees it has, but it is run by the number of motivated employees. Once you know the strengths and gray areas of your employees, you can easily plan your strategy which will effectively work with them to increase the productivity of your organization.

  • It will help you in improving the management

Employee performance software not only evaluates the performance of an employee but also helps in managing the whole team. With the review, you can be aware of the needs of the department and can even forecast the future needs of the department. They will be in-sync with the organization’s initiative and objectives which will improve their performance individually as well as a team player.

  • It provides better communication

With Successdart’s performance review software, you can provide clear communication of your organization’s goals to your employees and will make sure that they effectively achieve them. Most of the organizations lack this clarity of communication due to which employees are not aligned with the goals and objectives of the organization.

With time, Corporate have realized that the more motivated employees they have, the more they will value the strategy of the organization, its objectives, development, and growth. With the help of effective and efficient employee review software, you can help your employees to reach their full potential, which leads to a positive and productive experience for both employees and managers.

employee performance management software

Benefits of using employee performance review software

  • Permits performance tracking to be more responsive and agile
  • Gives an approach to track and report regular worker/director communication.
  • Enhances performance evaluation over the time by allowing the managers to keep track of the employee’s progress.
  • Makes it quite easier and transparent to understand the employee’s skills, requirements, and performance.
  • Makes it easier for performance reviews to be accessed, shared, printed and stored.
  • Makes the performance review process more accurate and efficient.

Features of SuccessDart’s employee appraisal software

Some of the unique features of the performance management system software are listed below:


With the employee feedback software, you will get an easy access to the recognition, rewards, social recognition and instant feedback for your employees, using the Go-Darting module. You can easily share your feedback as well as compliments to any employee in the firm with the help of SucessDarts emoticons in real time. All these darts received by the employees will be collected and presented to concerned parties during the review period which will lead to more accurate and better performance.

360 Degree Feedback

You can easily get feedback from multiple stakeholders, clients, overseas teams, peers, managers as well as customers by using the performance management system software. During the review process, all the data will be made accessible to the manager, which will give a more rounded view of the employee’s performance.


Using Check-In, employees can announce their work activities. Check-ins is based on the principle of MBO along with which is also uses the technique of SMART goal setting. With this, employees get the opportunity to list down all their goals (both short-term and long-term) with the submission deadlines. Managers can also assign goals to employees using it. It is used to capture the efforts done by an employee over the time.

Goal Setting

It helps in aligning employees goals with organization goals through personalized KRAs. The aim is to meet the organization’s goals while empowering the employees by providing a transparent result oriented communication.

In today’s time, performance appraisal software is a must for every organization. Don’t think that performance management software for small business is not required; in fact, it’s much needed in a small organization as it is required in a big organization, as they need to get the most out of their people by motivating and engaging them.


Drive goals, engage employees and promote a culture of feedback.

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