The Evaluation Module (Core)

Successdart Evaluation Module

Define the review process for your Organization. Customizable workflows and system driven scheduling. 

Setting up the evaluations is a  one time set-up process, which is typically done at the beginning of the year. The process involves creating and assigning the review forms to the concerned employees.

  1. Creation of Performance Review forms

SuccessDart lets you create completely customizable, employee specific performance review forms. You can add weights to sections and KRAs and define the rating scale you want to use. The Forms are typically laid down by the HR or managers. SuccessDart comes with a set of preloaded evaluation forms to get you started.

  1. Defining evaluation Workflow

SuccessDart enables you to define the levels of Evaluation for an employee. Employees can have Self Evaluations, Evaluation by the Reporting Manager  and/or the Manager’s Manager.

  1. Assigning the evaluation forms to employees

After a Form is created, it is assigned to an Employee. Forms can be assigned to Employees in a particular Department, Team, or Designation.

  1. Defining your Evaluation Plan

SuccessDart also lets you define the Evaluation plan for your Organization. For Instance, Organizations have Yearly, Half Yearly and Quarterly Evaluations. You can select from our existing Evaluation Plans or tailor a new one for your organization.

Evaluation Module



Drive goals, engage employees and promote a culture of feedback.

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