We have the Answers!

How do I know when to Log-in to SuccessDart?
SuccessDart sends you email reminders on the day the form is made available. This ensures that you can complete an Evaluation well in time.
Can I add Weights to Competencies?
Yes. You can add weights to competencies as well as the sections in which they come under.
Is it possible to define Multiple Rating Scales in the same form?
Yes. A typical Evaluation form can have Competencies with different Rating scales. You can select from one of our preset scales or define a new one.
Can we Integrate SuccessDart with other software systems in our organization?
Yes. Custom integration is possible by calling APIs / Services provided by SuccessDart. For example, we can integrate SuccessDart with your payroll, HRIS software, intranet or ERP systems. Ideally, employee master data should reside in one place, and we will automatically synchronize the data with other systems.
Does SuccessDart support dynamic Goals Setting?
Yes. Using the Goals Setting and Approval workflow, you can define and assign dynamic Goals to your Employees
How long will it take to implement the system for our organization?
Standard implementations take about 2 weeks. The first time setup will be done by the SuccessDart Implementation Team. The requirements gathering and understanding phase will typically take one week. This will be done through web meetings and exchange of information through emails. The first time setup of the system (once the requirements have been agreed upon) will typically take 3 days. 1 Day Usage training will be done for the HR and a few business leaders who are involved in the PMS process. 1 Day administration training can be done separately for HR. This will be done after the organization has started using the system. Till then admin settings could be changed with the help of SuccessDart Implementation team.
How can I set up my organization™s appraisal process?
SuccessDart lets you custom define your workflow. There are a lot of appraisal activities to choose from, and you can set-up the sequence of activities of your performance appraisal. The appraisal may start with a self-appraisal, followed by a manager appraisal. There can be additional levels of Evaluations that can be added or removed. Also, multiple workflows can be configured.