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Over the years, a combination of technology and research, has brought change to the typical workplace. The profile of the conventional employee has also undergone change. Employees today have more freedom and options. Statistics say that we have an inter disciplinary work force in action.


In order to succeed in this new work landscape, organisations must look at how to achieve business outcomes while maintaining a motivated workplace at the same time.


SuccessDart brings in nuances of continuous feedback, social recognition and gamification to keep employees engaged. It allows you to leverage concepts of MBOs and OKRs to drive business outcomes.


Any HR Professional would agree that the success for an organization is hugely dependent on its employees. Employees work collectively across designations and titles to achieve the organizational goals. During Performance Appraisals, the effort employees put in to perform their work is analyzed and measured. Usually, performance appraisals result in employees getting an increased pay, a promotion or a job specific training aimed at improving their effectiveness at work.


SuccessDart is a tool that can help you implement Employee Evaluations at your workplace in an efficient, streamlined and automated manner. You can distribute your Organization™s strategy  through ˜Goals™, measure performance by defining ˜Competencies™ and use Reports to spot achievements and pinpoint Roadblocks.


Custom Forms

Design your Forms and set your Goals

A number of standard forms to get you started


Intuitive Dashboards & Reports

A number of pre-set reports

Drill-through, print and export options


Dynamic Work-Flows

Define levels and cascades

360 degree feed-back

Self appraisals


SaaS Application

No hardware of software investment




Knows the goals and performance criteriaAutomated remindersCollaborate evaluation processs



Set-up, track and  update goals and evaluationsSpot inefficiencies and plan for remedial actions


HR Function

Create the organization™s specific templates

360 degree view of the  evaluation process

Dashboard and reports


Organization Benefits

Increased productivity

Efficient work-force

Delivering on set-goals and values


Drive goals, engage employees and promote a culture of feedback.

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